Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Samsung Kies 2.0.3

Samsung Kies 2 - useful software for mobile phones Samsung. With Samsung Kies 2.0 you can update the software to easily manage personal data and multimedia files, create backups of important data, run reports, purchase and download applications from Samsung Apps, sync contacts with Microsoft Outlook, Google and Yahoo, etc. Samsung Kies 2 can interact with the device, even through Wi-Fi.  Samsung Kies can use to play music, view photos and videos that are stored not only on PCs but also on mobile phones, MP3-players, digital cameras and camcorders.

Samsung Kies also allows you to easily share files photos and videos with friends, you can publish files to the Internet, without going into the system. Samsung Kies, you can use to store and manage contacts, messages, schedules, notes and other personal information stored in the mobile phone.

Samsung Kies 2 supports the operating system, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista. Download Samsung Kies 2 in several ways, such as download Samsung Kies 2 torrent, or download the installation file directly. The latest version of the program is the Samsung Kies 2.0.3. Use the Samsung Kies for Galaxy S I9000, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Ace, s5260 and other devaysov from Samsung.

Registry Winner 6.3.9

Registry Winner™ claims to be the most advanced technology in pc diagnosis and repair. It can do a complete scan of the pc errors such as system slowdown, freezing, crashing and deadlock. Safely optimize the speed of system and set your PC in a fantastic performance! Registry Winner™ is a top-ranking error-resolution technology which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. Various annoying problems will gradually appear like slow speed, crashing or freezing, blue screen, deadlock, error messages etc. after your computer being used for a period of time.

Registry Cleaner 2.3

Registry Cleaner Free, the fastest and most reliable registry cleaner for Windows, can scan your registry, fix registry errors, repair registry files, remove DLL errors, and boost your PC to peak performance with the absolute minimum of hassle.

Corel PDF Fusion 1.0

Corel PDF Fusion is a professional application designed to enable you to open, view, edit PDF files and convert various documents to PDF format. Boost your productivity with Corel PDF Fusion, an all-in-one PDF creator that lets you view files, plus assemble, edit and create PDFs. View more than 100 different file types just by dragging and dropping them into the Welcome Screen. Take pages from multiple files, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and combine them into a single PDF to share with anyone. Add new text, bookmarks and comments. Plus, convert files to PDF, XPS and DOC formats with just a click.

SysTweak Regclean Pro 6.21

Registry is a critical part of Windows. Since the registry is in constant use due to regular PC usage, it can get cluttered over time. Installing and removing software regularly and even moving and accessing data on the PC creates more and more registry entries, thereby increasing its size and deteriorating the systems performance.

Regclean Pro cleans such invalid registry errors using its advanced scan engine. It not only fixes invalid registry entries, it also defragments the registry, keeping it streamlined for smoother system performance. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this Regclean Pro. The interface makes it easy to fix all registry errors easily and quickly even for novice users.  Registry cleaners should be used on a regular basis to remove obsolete and invalid entries from the Windows registry. The advanced scan engine of Regclean Pro detects and fixes invalid registry entries automatically with a few simple clicks.

IdPhotos Pro 5.0.1

IdPhotosPro helps you create professional photos for documents, taking intoaccount all specific requirements. There is a ready-made templatesdirectory, which will help to deal with such parameters as the size ofthe photo, its proportions, resolution, and so on. The program IdPhotosphotographers to easily solve the problem with the size of photos, orpermission of the person parameters, which are usually the causes offailures in the adoption by the competent authorities. In just a fewseconds any user can print photos to any document.

KMPlayer 3.0

KMPlayer - is a versatile player who can play almost any media formats such as: VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and others. The program also understands the subtitles on DVD discs and can record audio, video or images of any part of the playing piece. The player can work with internal and external filters and plug-in that enables you to control audio and video files playable settings. KMPlayer includes almost all the major codecs for video and audio.